ART 2014 - VIII

Degree Show Plan Explanation (E11):

When East meets West.
My life journey here.
My past and present.
The two big acrylic paintings (blue and green) represent my past – my background of my identity, and a rather nostalgic story. Painted in a linear and flat layer, with watery drops across the image, refers to some of the features of traditional Chinese painting (the ink drops and lines). The “old fashioned” landscape painting style I have employed here itself is nostalgic.
The top left screen prints with a hand written calligraphy in a self-invented Chinese and English mixed language, and the top right digital printed and acrylic textile piece together illustrate what I have learnt in Edinburgh College of Art. They are techniques that I have never experienced before I came here.
The bridges (the Forth Bridge in red and the two bridges of River Tweed) symbolises the connection between my past and future – a bridge on a river that runs through my past in the East and my present in the West.
The visual effect of the prints and the fabric piece is more appealing, clear, bright and definite. While the paintings are more emotionally involved, lyrical, soft, and even romantic.
A Chinese eye to perceive western landscapes. A lyrical description of my life journey story in the West.

ART 2014 – VIII